Dec 23, 2022

5 Not-so-common plants to grow in water - 2023

Do you find it difficult to keep plants alive? Do you forget your watering schedule?
Do your plants give up on you? Do you never buy plants due to the fear of them being alive?

If you are one among the above, I am here to help you take your baby steps into gardening.

A few years ago, I remember buying a few plants - Areca palm, sansevieria aka snake plant, and dieffenbachia. Areca's palm gave up on me as I placed it in a dark spot with low sunlight and an ample amount of water. Little did I know about the rules of watering and sunlight. It took me some time to figure out how plants thrive and it's all about learning and experimenting. 

recycled balcony garden

Here we shall take out the first tiny steps to gardening. 

Most of us do not take up gardening because of our busy schedules. I truly do understand that there are many working dads and moms, professionals living far from home, stay-at-home moms, and dads who find it difficult to take up gardening, and most importantly it's because of the "Watering schedule"

 Here is when growing plants in water comes as a savior. It's sufficient to change the water once in 10 to 15 days and the plants will grow beautifully. The growth would moderate when compared to soil. To enhance the growth you can add seaweed fertilizer.

Here are a few not-so-common plants to grow by your window sill. Because I am pretty sure you are bored by growing money plants and reading about them in all possible blogs. No offense, I love pothos. But at times a change is all we want. 

So here is the list curated by me. I have personally grown all the below plants and it has worked. The below pics are proof, in most of the pics you can spot the roots ( for plants placed in clear jars).

    1) String of Pearls

    String of pearls in water

    Remove the bottommost pearls and place it in a jug of water. Change the water once is 10 to 15 days. Its crucial to remove the bottom-most pearls as it improves the rate of propagation. 


    Jade plant in water

    Succulents like jade also grow in water and the propagation success rate is high. Take a cutting of 7 to 8 cm and remove the bottom-most leaves and place it in water. You can also allow the cutting to dry for a few hours and then place it in water. 

    3)Monstera deliciosa

    monstera deliciosa in water

    One of the most beautiful and trending plants to decorate your living, dining, or balcony area. Place the monstera cutting in a jar of water. Adding leca balls is optional.

    4)Philodendron varieties

    philodendron rhaphidophora in water

    philodendron moonshine plant in water

    Growing philodendron varieties like Rhaphidophora and moonshine add a beautiful touch to the living space. Change the water once in a few days to avoid the plant stem getting mushy. Philodendron plants are also suitable to place in clear fish bowl vases.

    5)Fish bone cactus

    fish bone cactus plant in water

    fish bone cactus plant in water

    The Fishbone cactus is a low-maintenance plant with beautiful glossy zigzag leaves. They are perfect for any study table or showcase. Show your gardening skills by displaying this unique plant at your home. 

    Few FAQ's

    Happy Gardening!!

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