Apr 13, 2022

Air Dry DIY Planters for less than Rs 20

Hello, Plant dads and Moms out there!

Nice to see you all again. We are going to learn how to make DIY planters or pots in the below blog post. I had previously posted on how to reuse soda bottles or plastic bottles to add an interesting look to your garden. Feel free to read and share your thoughts.
I am sure that in each of our homes, we have used containers, tins, and used curd or sweet dabbas (boxes) available. We are going to make a plant pot out of recycled items. This serves three purposes 

- Repurposing old items
- You can save tons of money that goes into buying new plant pots 
-Durable and stays for longer
Here are a few diy's I had tried out with used plastic containers. 

Things Needed

  • plastic containers/ Take away containers
  • Air-dry clay
  • Paint Acrylic/Enamel
  • Varnish

    Tribal women Planter DIY

    Take an empty plastic bottle and add the facial features. Spray paint or paint using black. Dab the gold color onto the facial features to create an effect. 

    Apply a layer of varnish to protect your plants from dust. 

    Do not forget to read the pro tip to paint bottles 

    DIY Lady Planter

    Diy Piggy planter

    I made this cute little piggy planter using the takeaway container from Hotel Nagarjuna. It's a famous hotel here in Bangalore. The takeaway containers are sturdy and hence make the perfect containers.
    Add in the nose using mould it clay. I have mixed pink and white to create this cute color. Add in the details like eyes, and nose using a detailed brush.

    Coat it with a layer of varnish to protect your planter.

    diy piggy planter

    Teeny tiny cup DIY

    These are cute little planters that can hold the succulent and cactus varieties. Some air dry clay, paint, and varnish did the magic.

    diy cup  planter

    Water horse planter DIY

    This DIY was supposed to be a dino but turned into a water horse. Embrace the mistakes for they can turn into such beautiful creations.  

    Diy waterhorse planter

    Cat planter DIY

    This cute little cat planter is made from plastic bottles. The bottom portion of the plastic bottles is cut into half and then molded the details with airdry clay. Add in details using black paint and as usual, do not forget to apply a coat of varnish.

    DIY CAT planter

    DIY CAT planter

    Teal Cup planter DIY

    These are take-away concerns that usually contain raita or pickle. When you are creative, nothing around you is a waste. Everything can be beautifully created.

    DIY CUP Planter

    Happy Gardening!!!

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