Dec 23, 2022

5 Not-so-common plants to grow in water - 2023

Do you find it difficult to keep plants alive? Do you forget your watering schedule?
Do your plants give up on you? Do you never buy plants due to the fear of them being alive?

If you are one among the above, I am here to help you take your baby steps into gardening.

A few years ago, I remember buying a few plants - Areca palm, sansevieria aka snake plant, and dieffenbachia. Areca's palm gave up on me as I placed it in a dark spot with low sunlight and an ample amount of water. Little did I know about the rules of watering and sunlight. It took me some time to figure out how plants thrive and it's all about learning and experimenting. 

recycled balcony garden

Aug 1, 2022

Boho inspired DIY planters

 It was a few years back I found my love for Air dry clay projects. They are so much fun!!  You should give it a try. I am currently running out of pots and thought it might be a good idea to create a few cute little planters.

Supply List:

  • Plastic containers/Bottles/Take away containers
  • Air-dry clay ( I use mould it from Fevicryl)
  • Sculpting tools(optional)
  • Paint (Acrylic or enamel)
  • Varnish
  • Paint Brush
  • And of course few succulents and soil

Boho air dry planters

Apr 13, 2022

Air Dry DIY Planters for less than Rs 20

Hello, Plant dads and Moms out there!

Nice to see you all again. We are going to learn how to make DIY planters or pots in the below blog post. I had previously posted on how to reuse soda bottles or plastic bottles to add an interesting look to your garden. Feel free to read and share your thoughts.
I am sure that in each of our homes, we have used containers, tins, and used curd or sweet dabbas (boxes) available. We are going to make a plant pot out of recycled items. This serves three purposes 

- Repurposing old items
- You can save tons of money that goes into buying new plant pots 
-Durable and stays for longer
Here are a few diy's I had tried out with used plastic containers.