Jun 16, 2021

How to Dragon fruit from seeds with Step by Step Instructions and Images

Dragon fruit also called Pitaya/Pitahaya or strawberry pear are native to America and these fruits are produced from a cactus variety plant.  These fruits are eaten raw or along with salad, juices, and smoothies. 
Here are the below steps to propagate Dragon fruit from seeds with pictures to give you a better understanding.

Dragon fruit propagation through seed

May 23, 2021

Easiest way to Propagate a Wandering Jew with Pictures

Tradescantia zebrina is also called as Wandering jew plant. These plants are extremely easy to grow and care. They are also known as Zebrina , Spiderwort, Inch plant. They are called as Zebrina plants since they have a Zebra like pattern on their leaves. The plant has green and silvery stripes on the upper side of the leaf and a magenta color on the lower side. 

wandering jew