Dec 6, 2020

Easy DIY Traditional Coaster painting ideas for 2024

I had this idea in my mind for over a few months, but I was skeptical to start the coaster project. But the results turned out amazing. If you are a DIY - person you must try this out. 

It is such an interesting and usable project which you could use in your day to day life. 
Here are a few ideas to spice up your coaster with Madhubani paintings...

Traditional coaster paintings

                Traditional Madhubani coaster paintings

Things Needed :

Acrylic colors
Coasters - MDF boards
Carbon paper

Let's begin:

  • Coat a layer of white acrylic color as a base coat. Apply two coats if necessary. 
coaster paintings
  • Once the paint is dried, trace out the traditional Madhubani designs onto the wooden board. You may draw the design onto a paper and then trace the design into the coaster with a carbon paper
  • Start painting with your desired choice of colors. I have used Neon colors for painting.
Traditional  coaster paintings
  • Apply a layer of mod podge or varnish to protect your painting from dust and to make them waterproof.
Traditional  coaster paintings

  • And ta-da your coaster is all set to use. Do let me know if you like more DIYs.
To order your custom tea coaster, please reach out on my Instagram.

Happy day!

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