Sep 30, 2020

DIY Elegant Designs for your Upcycled plastic bottle planter in 2021

Do you love to decorate your planters like I do?

Nowadays I am addicted to growing ornamentals plants in used plastic and coke bottles. They are cheap, affordable, and provide a classy look to your balcony at absolutely zero cost.

I assure you, by the end of this blog you would get a few easy designs to decorate your planter. They are very easy to paint and require no artistic knowledge.

    bottle gardening

    Design 1: Dandelion planter

    Design 2: Zentagle planter/ Doddle planter

    Design 3:Gold Lamp dandelions

    Design 4: Floral planter

    Design 5: Basic vine planter with quotes

    Design 6: Feather Planter

    Design 7: Leaf Planter

    Design 8: Shadow leaf Planter

    Design 9: Polka dot planter

    Design 10: Basic Planter

    Design 12: Geometric Planter

    Design 13: Galaxy Planter

    Let me know which design you liked the most.

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