Aug 8, 2020

How to Propagate Sedum from cuttings

Sedums are beautiful trailing plants for your hanging basket. Sedums are drought tolerant and available in green and lime yellow shades. They are hardy plants and are rarely attacked by pests. This makes sedums one of the best houseplants.

    Popular names of sedum

    • Sedum 
    • Stonecrop
    • Tokyo sun sedum

    Propagate sedum from cuttings in soil

    • Sedums can be easily propagated by cuttings.
    • Snip of 5 to 6 cuttings from the mother plant with the help of a disinfectant scissor.
    • Remove the lower portion of the leaves.
    • Plant the cuttings into loose soil. Avoid burying them so deep.

    Sedum Propagation and care

    Method 1 - The Lazy Way

    • Just place the cuttings and layer it with soil at the top. Make sure you do not cover the entire leaves with soil. Spread a thin layer of soil.

    Method 2 - The Usual Way

    • Insert the cuttings at half to one-inch depth. Sedums mostly have a shallow root system so avoid planting the cutting too deeply.
    • Keep the soil moist till the plant establishes itself.
    • Ensure the cuttings are placed in well-draining soil. They don't like their feet to be wet.

    Water Requirements of Sedum

    • Water sedums only when the top inch of the soil feels dry. 
    • Avoid frequent watering in the rainy season.
    • Allow the plant to dry out in between waterings.

    Sunlight Requirements of Sedum

    • They love the full sunlight. But they thrive in partial shade as well.
    • Sedums are low-growing plants so they are best to grow as ground cover and hanging baskets.
    These are the best plants to grow in plastic containers as well.
    Happy Gardening!

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