Aug 8, 2020

How to Propagate Sedum from cuttings

Sedums are beautiful trailing plants for your hanging basket. Sedums are drought tolerant and available in green and lime yellow shades. They are hardy plants and are rarely attacked by pests. This makes sedums one of the best houseplants.

    Popular names of sedum

    • Sedum 
    • Stonecrop
    • Tokyo sun sedum

    Grow Tomatoes in containers from kitchen scrap

    Growing veggies in our home brings us immense happiness and satisfaction. 
    In the current situation, it is hard to get organic vegetables from the market. People understand the need to have organic and rich foods. So we are moving towards a new phase of gardening called Apartment gardening or container gardening. A small step towards a better tomorrow. 
    Tomatoes are great for beginners who are getting started on growing kitchen gardens. Tomatoes are easily grown and cultivated in a small space.
    They are good starters for your balcony. Tomatoes do surprisingly well in small containers. 
    I will walk you through the entire process of growing the tomatoes from sowing the seeds to harvesting. Additionally, as a bonus, I would be sharing a few tips on how to hand pollinate if your tomatoes are not fruiting.grow tomatoes from kitchen scrap