Jul 11, 2020

Make this Simple DIY plant wall Hanging

Nowadays I absolutely love modeling with clays. Working with clay is so therapeutic and relaxing. You get to do a variety of projects with clay from trays, bowls to wall hangings.

Wall hangings can create depth to any space and I am so in love with making those. This is my third wall hanging project with clay. 

Monstera deliciosa is one of my favorite plants I wish to own soon. Till then this Deliciosa wall hanging will fill the void.

    Getting Started

    • Any Clay - I have used fevicyrl mould it air dry clay in my project.
    • Acrylic paints and brushes
    • Yarn or thick thread
    • Rolling pin or bottle 
    • Talcum powder 

    How to Steps

    • Blend both the resin (grey) and (white) part completely till you get a nice smooth and uniform texture.
    • Cut a template of deliciosa leaf in a paper or a cardboard. You could use a template from the internet or do a freehand sketching like mine.
    • Roll the clay into a flat surface with the rolling or bottle.
    • Using the template cut the leaves. I made 2 leaves and 7 beads. Use talcum to avoid the clay sticking to your surface and hands.

    • Allow your clay to air dry. Once half-dried detail veins of your leaf using a sharp object.

    • I have base painted my clay pieces with acrylic white. Base painting can give good results to your project. Though this is completely optional.
    • Add a hole to the samples as you can loop through with a thread. You could use a needle or an empty pen refill to make desired holes. Make the holes according to the thickness of your thread.

    • Paint your clay pieces with the desired color. Here I have used Shades of green Blue, Lime Yellow, White, Red, and Orange.

    Final Look

    • Its time to put everything into place! Layout everything into desired places.
    • Once you are happy with the result loop it through the yarn. And you are done. Voila..!

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