Jun 11, 2020

DIY Clay wall hanging

Wall hanging pieces can brighten up your dim corner without spending a penny.
A stunning decor piece can be easily created at your home with just a few supplies of clay, paint, and yarn.
Believe me, no special skills are needed to make a hanging decor. It would be a cakewalk for you if you follow the below steps.

    Things Needed

    • Air-dry clay or homemade clay
    • Yarn
    • Acrylic paint
    • Wooden Skewers or a piece of branch

    How To Steps

    Use molds, cookie-cutter, or your hands to create your desired pattern. I made stars and raindrop shapes using a cutter. The elephants were made using mold - I had a metal elephant key chain lying around. With the help of glue guns, it's easy to make a mold for your elephants. There are also many molds available online. I have linked the details below.

    Make two small holes at the top and the bottom of the mold to pull the yarn through.

    Arrange all the pieces together. When you are happy with the output you can paint and allow them to air dry for a few hours.

    Once everything is dried. Paint them - I have used acrylic black, gold, and metallic color to give this finish. Pull the yarn through the clay pieces and tie them to the branch or wooden skewer. If you find that difficult you can also stick them up with fevicol or glue guns.
    Ta da.. your beautiful wall hanging is ready. 

    As an alternative way, you can use hanging with a single strand like the one below - simple and elegant. Also, Monstera Wall hanging

    Happy crafting!!

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