May 12, 2020

Easy way to grow Lemon Tree from Seed - Proven Technique

When life gives you lemons, Plant it!!

Everyone wishes to grow a lemon tree as it has a pleasant citrus smell and taste. I was very excited to grow a lemon from a seed. To my dismay, I never succeeded in germinating even after multiple attempts. I have found a proven technique where you could never fail to grow a Lemon tree from a seed.

    How to Grow Lemon from Lemon seeds

    • Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. Extract the seeds without harming the seeds.
    • Make fresh lemon juice out of the extract.
    • Next is the crucial part, choose healthy lemon seeds.

    Choose Healthy seeds by Appearance Test

      • The healthy lemon looks lumpy, filled, and stout.
      • The unhealthy or immature seeds look skinny, thin, and weak.
      • Also, avoid the seeds that are damaged while extracting (the seeds are cut in half).
      • The difference between the two can easily be spotted. If not, here is a diagrammatic representation.

    Choose Healthy seeds by Soak Test

      • Soak the healthy seeds in water.
      • The floating seeds might not grow into a healthy plant.
      • The seeds that sink into the water are viable.
      • The seeds that pass both the above test can be prepared for sowing.
    Ok, now that seed selection is completed we can dive into preparing the seeds.
    The sticky substance covering the seed should be removed before planting the seed.

    How to remove the slimy substance

      • The slimy substance can be removed by wiping them off with tissue paper or a Newspaper. 
      • Wash the lemon seeds thoroughly and check for a slimy or sticky substances.
      • Repeat the above two processes till the lemon seeds are nonsticky.
    The lemon seeds have a slimy coating that has to be removed or wiped off. Thus we ensure all the possible ways to support the seed's germination are done.
    The lemon seed has a white outer covering that must be removed. The white outer covering is a protective coating to avoid damage to the seeds. This layer must be carefully removed with the help of a sharp object or knife. Underneath the white layer is the brown layer or the seed that I ready for germinating. The soft brown layer can also be removed.

    grow lemon from seeds

    Process of Growth

    • The initial days of germination can be done in a closed container that has a setting like a greenhouse. I usually place the seeds in a container with tissue and keep it moist. This provides the seeds with the necessary moisture content and protects them from any harsh environmental conditions like wind, frost, or rain.
    • Spray water on the lemon seeds when the tissue paper feels dry.
    • In a span of a few days, you will be able to observe the seed germinating.
    • The lemon seed that has grown to a reasonable amount can be transferred to a small pot, a seedling tray, or an eggshell.
    • I have transferred the seedling into an eggshell.
    • Repot them into a larger pot or container when they are reasonably huge in nice. 
    Happy Gardening!

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