May 13, 2020

DIY Craft with Pistachio shells (2022)

Who does not love Pista's? There are amazing in every form, from having pistachio ice creams to wholesome nuts.

It has been long since I started collecting those hard-to-crack nutshells in a hope to create some beautiful décor . I absolutely loved making these petals with pistachio shells. I will be sharing a few home décor ideas with Pistachio shells.
From here on do not throw away your Pista shells.

    Pista craft

    DIY with pista shells

    You will need

    • Pistachio Shells
    • Carboard
    • Glue (Quick fix, All fix or Glue gun works the best)
    • Coffee power
    • Paintbrush
    • Newspaper

    How To Make a Pista Flower

    • We will make the flowers from pista shells. Making the flowers might seem difficult but I will show it in a simple way.
    DIY with pista shells

    • Color these pista shells using Acrylics or spray paint. I haven't used any coloring as I liked the raw feel of the shells. If you like the flowers to be more vibrant, color the shells before arranging them. Allow the painted shells to dry and we can start off with the next process.
    • Cut out the cardboard into a circle shape with the help of a compass or any circular objects. This cardboard would be the base of our circle. The diameter would determine the size of the flower.
    • With 4 pistachio shells, create the center of the flower. Place the shells alternatively like shown in the below pic and stick it with the help of glue gun or all fix (Any strong glue). Hold the setting firmly for a few seconds to help them glue together.
    how to make pista flowers
    • Stick the center part of the flower to the center of the cardboard base.
    • Start layering around the center from inwards to outwards. Glue the base or broader region of the pista shells to the base of the cardboard.
    • Proceed with the layering in a similar pattern to create such beautiful flowers.
    Pista shell diy flowers

    These beautiful pistachio flowers can be used as a paperweight or as a decor piece in your study table or living room.

    Make a Hanging pista shell Decor Piece

    • Take a cardboard and cut it into a rectangular sheet.
    • Just to give the cardboard a texture and stiffness. Tear the newspaper into bits and stick that with the help of fevicol and water mixture. 
    • Once dried it would look something like the below.
    • I have coated the cardboard with a coffee color. To prepare this take one to two spoons of water with half a spoon of coffee and dilute it. Apply onto the surface. Allow the color to dry.

    • Apply the next coating by making the color slightly darker by adding more coffee powder.
    • You can apply as many layers to get the desired color. Every time you are near to the decor, the smell of the grounded coffee is amazing. I personally liked how it turned out.
    You can also apply any color according to your liking.

    Set it up!
    Now you are all set to design your décor piece. Arrange all your scrambled pieced together and your amazing décor piece is ready.

    Pista shell diy

    Adsld a twine to complete the look. And here is the final look.

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    Pista shell diy

     Happy Crafting !!

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