May 29, 2020

4 DIY Pot planter painting ideas to showcase your skills

Every gardener has gone the extra mile to make their garden look stunning. No one really wants the old brown terracotta or common plastic pots. People are looking for something unique and creative to define themselves by beautifully exhibiting their living space.

Why to spend money on extravagant planter when you can style your planters yourself in a jiffy.

May 13, 2020

DIY Craft with Pistachio shells (2022)

Who does not love Pista's? There are amazing in every form, from having pistachio ice creams to wholesome nuts.

It has been long since I started collecting those hard-to-crack nutshells in a hope to create some beautiful décor . I absolutely loved making these petals with pistachio shells. I will be sharing a few home décor ideas with Pistachio shells.
From here on do not throw away your Pista shells.

    Pista craft

    May 12, 2020

    Easy way to grow Lemon Tree from Seed - Proven Technique

    When life gives you lemons, Plant it!!

    Everyone wishes to grow a lemon tree as it has a pleasant citrus smell and taste. I was very excited to grow a lemon from a seed. To my dismay, I never succeeded in germinating even after multiple attempts. I have found a proven technique where you could never fail to grow a Lemon tree from a seed.

      How to Grow Lemon from Lemon seeds

      • Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. Extract the seeds without harming the seeds.
      • Make fresh lemon juice out of the extract.
      • Next is the crucial part, choose healthy lemon seeds.