Apr 24, 2020

How to grow Coriander in balcony - The Indian way

Coriander is an aromatic herb used in cuisines to dress salads and adds a flavor to the dishes. Coriander is a popular herb used in daily Indian cooking from garnishing buttermilk to dressing Biriyani 's.

Garnishing with coriander leaves aids in digestion and prevents infections. Coriander is also rich in fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamins. Coriander is used in a variety of dishes like Coriander chutney or hummus, Coriander rice, Coriander juice, coriander pulao.
How to grow coriander from seeds

    Cilantro Vs Coriander

    In America, Cilantro refers to the leaves and stalks of the coriander plant and seeds are referred to as Coriander. In few places like India, Coriander refers to the leaves and stalk of the plant, and the seeds are called coriander seeds. Cilantro or the coriander refers to the same plant Coriander Sativum.

    Trouble in Germinating Coriander Seeds

    If the coriander seeds are not germinating even after 8 to 10 days. Then poor quality seeds could be the culprit. Use coriander seeds meant for germination instead of using coriander seeds from your kitchen. Use fresh coriander seeds instead of using aged coriander seeds.

    How to Grow Cilantro from seeds

    How to grow coriander from seeds
    • Coriander can be easily grown from seeds (Dhaniya or the coriander seeds used in the kitchen if the seeds are fresh)You can also buy the coriander seeds available in the market for cultivation purposes.The husk of coriander seeds is thick and contains two seeds in it. If the seeds are sown directly the time taken to germinate will be high.

    How to split Coriander seeds

    Take the coriander seeds and cover it in a newspaper. Then lightly crush the coriander seeds with the help of a heavy object like pestle or hammer. Do not put excess pressure onto the seeds, the main motive is to split the seeds into two.

    • Soak the split coriander seeds in a bowl of water for few hours or overnight. This will help in increasing the success rate of germination. This step is completely optional.
    • Spread the seeds directly into the soil. Cover the seeds with a layer of coco peat or soil evenly. Do not cover it with a thick layer of soil as it would be difficult for the seeds to sprout.
    • Instead of sowing directly into the soil, it can done in a tissue paper or seedling tray. But I prefer sowing the seeds directly on to the soil as few of the coriander seedlings may not survive when transplanted.
    How to grow coriander from seeds

    • Water thoroughly and it will take somewhere around 5 to 10 days for the seeds to germinate.
    • These plants are very demanding and require attention. Water them regularly or you could see them drying out. You might not be lucky enough to retrieve them if they dry out.
    • Coriander or Cilantro will be ready to harvest within three to four weeks. 
    How to grow coriander from seeds

    How to Grow Bushy Coriander

    • Pinch off the top plant leaves to initiate fuller growth in coriander. Snip of the cilantro to produce fuller growth in the plant.
    • If you see any visible flowering in your coriander, pinch off the flower. As you do not want the entire energy of your plant draining to produce seeds. Pinching off the flowers will encourage healthy leaves in your coriander plant.
    • Do not place your coriander in full bright sun. This can cause flowering at a very earlier stage.
    How to grow coriander from seeds

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