Apr 7, 2020

Incredible Gardening ideas during Lockdown

The Corona pandemic has created an imbalance and tension in the society. Let's hope for a better tomorrow and create a positive vibe everywhere.

We are spending most of the time at our home, why not utilize it for a better tomorrow?
Here I am starting to share a few easy plant projects you can start at your apartment, indoor or outdoor garden with all the vegetable scraps available at home. This is not just a mere entertaining activity like watching Netflix or Prime but putting our efforts into something more productive.

    1)Make Compost Bins for your Home

    The artistry of making compost at home has amazed me. I intended to give it a start as the vegetable waste getting piled up in my kitchen bin was huge. This would give me nutritious compost to my plants for free. We are establishing a tiny step to bring in a healthy environment.

    The process is quite easy to understand 75% kitchen waste and 25% dry waste goes into the compost along with garden soil and 2 handfuls of compost to initiate the microbial action.3 spoonful of curd or buttermilk can also be added to speed up the process. But mastering the process requires time and getting the Green Brown proportion right.

    Compost Bin ideas

    2)Start Preparing seeds for your Garden

    This is the right time to prepare your seeds for sowing. Readily available seeds from the market can be used or you can collect seeds from the fresh vegetables and give it a try. This is a great time for Vegetable Garden hobbyist this is a great time to your Indoor or Apartment Vegetable Garden.
    Seedlings can be grown in a seedling tray or any available plastic containers. Another great idea is to start seeds in a tissue paper eg: Tomato seeds, chili pepper seeds easily grow in tissue papers.
    start prepare your seedlings
    The below mentioned are best to start in April.
    • Spring onion
    • Bell pepper
    • Tomatoes
    • Eggplant

    3)Growing Herbs in your Kitchen counter

    Herbs like coriander, mint, Spring onion used in daily cooking can be a great addition to your Kitchen Garden. Herbs can be a great start for beginners as growing them would not be tedious.

    Growing herbs in Kitchen counter

            1. Cilantro/Coriander

    Coriander is the annual herb used in cooking. Mostly used parts are fresh leaves and coriander seeds. Cilantro plays a major role in Indian cooking. It is also known as a good appetizer.

    How to Grow

    Crush the coriander seeds mildly using a motor and pestle or any hammer-like object. The outer layer of the seeds is thick and breaking them can help the seeds sprout faster.
    Once the leaves are crushed place them in a container leaving and cover with soil partially.
    The cotyledons or the first leaves would come along in a few days.

    Please find the entire guide to grow Cilantro faster here

    If by any chance the above process doesn't seem to work, try soaking the coriander seeds in water for one to two hours.

            2. Mint

    Mint or commonly called as Pudina in India is an important element known for its flavor and aids in digestion. Mint can be easily propagated from cuttings.
    Take few stout stalks of mint and remove the bottom-most leaves. Stick the mint into the soil ensure there are at least 2 to 3 nodes.

    Grow Pudina,Mint at home

    You can also scan the entire guide to Grow and Care Pudina here

            3. Microgreens

    Microgreens are greens packed with nutrients used to dress salads, toppings. The microgreens can be easily grown indoors all year long or hydroponically. The best thing about growing Microgreens is you need not wait for months to harvest. It can be harvested within a span of two to three weeks after establishing.
    Microgreens can be harvested once they have grown a few inches developing true leaves.
    Grow Microgreens

    Happy Gardening!

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