Apr 23, 2020

How to make a DIY Miniature Terrarium at home - Easy Home Decor Project

Interested in experimenting with the plant caretaker in you but lack sufficient space at your home, then Terrariums are for you!!

Terrariums are fun to make and can spice the elements at your home. Then fit in almost anywhere from the Tabletop to the Dining table. You can also add your characteristics to the terrarium by creating a fairy theme or a garden theme.
Come on let's make. By the end of this blog, you will learn how to create your terrarium.

I created a mini-open Terrarium with a Tiger Balm 30g Jar. I have been saving this jar for some time now. And now it has been put to the right use.

Minature terrarium

Things you will need

  • Garden soil
  • Compost
  • Stones 
  • Plants 
  • Paper 
  • Glass Jar or container (Any glass or mason jar would do )

How to Make a Miniature version of a Terrarium

Step 1: Cover the bottom layer of the Jar with small stones or pebbles. I have used aquarium white stones in my project. Placing the stones would store the excess water in your terrarium (acts as drainage). And it protects your plants from rotting.
pebbles for terrarium

Step 2: Cut a small piece of paper or newspaper according to the size of your container and place it above the stones. This layer would obstruct the soil from entering the stones and create a more beautiful look.

Step 3: Add Garden soil to your terrarium.

Step 4: Add compost to the terrarium as it would add nutrition to the terrarium. I have not mixed the potting soil and the compost to create different layers in the terrarium. You can mix them if you like.
Fill up the Potting mix and compost to one-half of the jar.

Step 5: Add plants to your terrarium. I have added Sedum Angelia golden to the terrarium as it has shallow roots. I have not seen many growing Sedums in terrariums. It has now been almost 7 to 8 days since I set up this terrarium. I find no major issues and the plants look fresh and the plants have fixed themselves to the soil which is a good sign.
Minature terrarium
You can add any humid-loving plants like mosses and ferns. Take your time to research and add plants in your terrarium.
Well-known plants that work in the terrarium are Mosses, Ferns

Step 6: Add small pebbles to the top layer to create a beautiful look.
Try these terrariums they are simple and straightforward to make.

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Happy Gardening

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