Mar 7, 2020

How to clean Fish tank gravel with a vacuum- Keep your Fish Clean and Healthy

Maintaining and keeping the fishes healthy is significant for a proud fish owner. Cleaning the fish tank will keep your fishes healthy and active. They also prevent in causing diseases and increasing the lifespan of your beautiful fishes.

Betta fish

Why to Clean the Fish tank?

The fish excreta or fish poop contains high concentration of nitrogenous wastes. Nitrogen waste like Ammonia is end product of fishes and they excrete through the gills or the body. These waste would contaminate the fish tank water.
Are your over feeding your fish? Over feeding leads to food spillage in the water leading to water contamination.The remaining fish feed (the food that has not been consumed by the fish) would pollute the fish in due course.

If the Nitrogen content rises in the fish tank it is more likely to cause trouble to your fishes or in worst cases contribute to death of the fishes.Hence it is essential to clean the fish tank.
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How often should the Fish tank be cleaned?

Cleaning the fish tank depends on two important factors
  • With Filter  - The fish tank with filter will remove few of the wastes in the fish tank. In this case the fish tank can be cleaned once in 10 to 15 days.
  • Without Filter  - Without filter it is advisable to clean the fish tank within a week.
  • Cleaning the fish tank

How to clean the Fish tank?

  • Plug off and remove  any filters, aquarium lights ,warmer or any electrical equipment before starting the process.
  • Remove 60 to 70% of the dirty water into a bucket with the help of aquarium siphon hose.
  • Always ensure you do not remove or clean the entire fish tank water. For your fishes to survive they need beneficial bacteria that is already growing in the tank. So if you are throwing the entire dirty water it means your fishes are at stake. 
  • Transfer the fishes into a bucket of water (probably a  mix of old and new water so you do not stress out the fishes by changing the water and temperature conditions)
  • Use the siphon hose or gravel vacuum to clean the dirt in the gravel. Dig and stir as long as you get all the dirt out. 
  • Fill it up with water. Make sure to test the chlorine concentration.
  • Do not use the tap water directly as the chlorine content is very high in the tap water. Place them in a bucket or outdoor for few hours before transferring them into the fish tank or bowl. This will reduce the chlorine content in water and prevent them from harming the fish.
  • Set up all the equipment back into the fish tank. 
  • Transfer all the fishes back to their beautiful home. And ta-da you have successfully cleaned your fish tank without much effort.
Happy Fish Keeping..!!

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