Mar 15, 2020

Grow Pudina (Mint) from Cuttings (Updated with images)

Mint or Pudina grow at home
Mint or Pudina belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. Growing mint in your balcony or garden has double purposes - they are functional and beautiful. Pudina or Mint is used in making chutney or hummus, mint teaPudina rice, in flavoring lassi, juices, Biriyani, etc. It has a strong aroma which makes it a chief ingredient in the kitchen. Apart from their culinary usage, they play a very vital role in Indian Home remedies.

Leaves of mint or Pudina are the important part used for medicinal purposes. Pudina aids in improving digestion - this is the main reason why Pudina is used in foods that are hard to digest. Pudina is also known to reduce the cramps caused by menstruation. Mint can reduce the effects of cold. Due to its strong aroma chewing one or two leaves can reduce bad breath. A natural mouth freshener with health benefits. 

    A Beginner In Gardening?

    Are you a beginner in gardening and interested in planting functional herbs? Then this plant is for you. When I started propagating mint plants I never knew it would be this easy to grow a plant from the available cutting. I just gave it a try and the results amazed me. This is a must-have herb in your home. You can also try a hand at growing Indian Borage. The Mint is easy to take care of and a hard to kill plantAs a beginner, you can definitely try growing mint and they won't let you down.

    Success in growing a plant can build up your confidence and induce you to try more and more gardening techniques and grow different varieties of plants.

    Propagating Pudina with Soil

    Mint can be propagated into a whole new mint plant with ease. Cultivating mint from cuttings is the easiest method of propagation.
    • Buy Pudina or mint bunch from any available market or local store. Pudina is easily available in almost any vegetable store.
    Mint or Pudina grow at home
    • Remove the leaves needed and use them or store the Pudina leaves for your cooking. You can also opt for cutting them from a runner if the Pudina plant is readily available.

    Mint or Pudina grow at home
    • Take the cuttings of 5 to 6 inches and trim from below. Take medium to stout stems, the cuttings which are very thin may not root.
    Mint or Pudina grow at home
    • When planting check if at least two nodes are inserted deep into the soil. The node is the place from where the leaf emerges.
    Mint or Pudina grow at home - Nodes

    • So here is the secret to growing Pudina from cuttings - a fail-proof method. Instead of planting it upright. Place the Pudina or mint cutting horizontally into the soil. This will ensure root growth from all the nodes and chances of growing into a healthy and bushy Pudina plant.
    Mint or Pudina grow at home

    Propagating Mint with Water

    • Here is an alternative to the above method. You can also place the cuttings in water for two to three days and then transplant them into the soil. This is also a good alternative if you are curious to check out the roots growing.

    Pudina plant or Mint Plant
    Within a month Pudina or mint plant would trail and fill the entire potMint plants would cover your entire garden soil as it is invasive in natureIt is always preferable to keep them in a pot.

    I grew this mint from the cutting available from the local store and look how luscious they have grown! And now you would never have the need to buy Pudina or Mint from the grocery store again. The more you prune them the more they grow. You will have an unlimited supply of Pudina or Mint in your own kitchen garden. How amazing is that! 

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    Happy Gardening!!

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