Mar 6, 2020

How to induce flowering in your Aloe vera

Aloe Vera belongs to the family of Asphodelaceae and Genus Aloe is native to Africa and now has been propagated and grown widely across the countries.

The succulent variety plant is being grown for its medicinal, cosmetic, and edible purposes. It is also grown as an ornamental and air purifying plant indoors. They are resistant and can survive in severe drought. 

    Aloe Vera plant lucky?

    Aloe Vera is said to bring luck and prosperity. They create a good vibe and a positive energy in the indoor spaces. Aloe Vera is called as "Plant of immortality" due to its medicinal value and resistant nature (They do not die or give up easily even in the worst conditions).

    When does Aloe Vera flower?

    If your aloe plant doesn't bloom don't be surprised. Only mature plants (i.e. 3 to 4 years old) will bloom. Aloe Vera are succulent variants and they can thrive in bright sunlight. Aloe Vera growing indoors have a very low chance of blooming as they receive insufficient or low sunlight.

    The flowers produced by Aloe Vera can last for a very long. The flowers spike up to a great height and are quite hard. The bright orange or yellow flowers loosely hang from the spike creating a beautiful view. The Aloe Vera flowers attract bees due to bright colored flowers and they contain a high concentration of nectar.

    Aloe Vera Flower Uses

    A research has shown that the flowers of Aloe Vera plant are used in cosmetics and as skin conditioning agents. The above uses are researched and done only by extracting few components are treated chemically.

    Hence we strictly do not suggest consuming or directly applying the Aloe Vera flowers.
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