Mar 29, 2020

29 Best Hanging plants for your Home - Stylish Home decor in 2023

Do you have limited access to keep your plants? Are the Balconies, side tables, and study tables filled with plants? Here are a few plants to utilize your aerial space and add these amazing hanging plants to your plant collection.
     Turn your home into a jungle of green hanging plants. These lists include trailing plants like the Pothos, and tangled hearts that would provide a lush and bushy look to your space, or like the Morning Glory, common Pursulane which would produce abundant flowers and create a fresh look.

    1. Burritos tail

    Buritto's tail Hanging plant, Sedum Buritto,Donkey's tail

    Common Name   : Burritos tail , Donkey tail , Burro's tail
    Botanical Name  : Sedum Morganianum
    Burritos tail is also known as Donkey's tail or Sedum Burrito belongs to the succulent variety. Burrito's tail has densely packed green leaves on stems that look like a donkey tail. Sedum Burrito prefers growing in partial sunlight. The hot sun rays can burn their flesh leaves at times. Ensure the plant is not overwatered as it can ruin the plant. Burro's tail can also survive in drought conditions. If you are lucky you can see them flowers.

    2. Tangled heart plant

    tangled heart plant
    Common Name   : Tangled Heart Plant
    Botanical Name  : 
    The tangled heart is a small, creeping succulent plant that trails with its tiny heart-like leaves touching the floor. The tangled heart has a beautiful tinge of pink in their veins which complements the beauty of the plant. Tangled hearts are low maintenance and easy to care for. The leaves are dark green with purple lines across them, matured leaves are light green. The Tangled heart plants thrive well in semi-shade and cool places. They require a good amount of water and are resistant to drought as they store water in their leaves. Also, check out the ultimate guide for growing tangled heart indoors.

    3. Pothos plant

    money plant, pothos
    Common Name   : Pothos, Golden Pothos, Hunters Robe, Ivy arum,  Money plant, Silver vine, Solomon Island ivy, Marble queen, Taro vine,  Devils ivy, Devil's vine
    Botanical Name  :  Epipremnum Aureum
    Pothos is the perfect indoor hanging plants with heart-shaped leaves for busy plant keepers. Pothos also purify the indoor air. They require less to no care. Water them thoroughly once in a while and they would happily cascade indoors. They do well and look beautiful when hanged in pots. If the Pothos are seen to grow leggy ensure to trim the branches. Water them thoroughly once in 3 to 4 days. They are also certified by NASA to purify the indoor air space. They are suitable in homes as well as offices.

    4. Monstera

    Monstera plant
    Common Name   : Swiss cheese plant, Ceriman, Fruit salad plant,  Monster fruit, Monsterio delico, Monstereo Mexican breadfruit, Windowleaf, Balazo ,Penglai banana, Split leaf philodendron (though does not belong to Philodendron)
    Botanical Name  : Monstera adansonii
    Monstera is also called Swiss cheese as it refers to the holes developed in the leaves. The leaves grow wide and huge and hence called Monstera. The Monstera needs lots of space, so do not infringe them in corners. The perforated leaves make the plant more appealing. Place the plant in partial shade. Water Monstera plant moderately

    5. Purslane

    Common Name   : Common Purslane , Vedolaga, red root, Pursley
    Botanical Name  : Portulaca oleracea
    Purslane is the most common invasive and easy-to-grow plant. They flower throughout the year. Purslane does not require any special care and survives in almost all conditions. They are available in many colors. Ensure to prune the dead leaves to encourage new growth.

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    6. Petunia

    Petunia as Hanging plant
    Common Name   : Petunia
    Botanical Name  : Petunia atkinsiana
    Petunias are colorful bloomers and would be perfect for hanging in baskets. They are predominately available striped in shades of pink, blue, white, purple, magenta, orange, and yellow with variations like striped, hybrid with different eyes. They prefer partial shade to bright sunlight. Sunlight is the main factor for the flowers to bloom. If your petunias are not blooming pruning and deadheading process are suggested. Deadheading here refers to removing or pruning the flowers that have bloomed or the dead flowers to encourage new growth.

    7. String of pearl

    String of pearl hanging plant
    Common Name   : String of pearls , String of beads
    Botanical Name  : Senecio rowleyanus
           A string of pearls is an amazing plant with distinctive beads stringed together. It is perfect to utilize your vertical space by hanging the string of pearls from the high ceilings. You can also create a curly hair-like pattern by planting them in abstract-face ceramic vases. The tiny pearl-like beads are filled with water, and these strings of pearls plant are drought resistant. They capture the heart of house planters with a peculiar look.

    8. Chain of Hearts

    String of heart - Hanging plant
    Common Name   : Chain of hearts, Collar of hearts, String of hearts, Heart on a string, Rosary wine, Sweetheart vine
    Botanical Name  : Cerepegia woodii
    Chain of hearts is a flowering plant known for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves attached to a vine. String of hearts is a succulent variety and prefers thorough watering to frequent partial watering. Water them thoroughly and let it dry in-between watering. String of hearts prefers bright indirect sunlight. They would be perfect to utilize your vertical space as they are will grow in great length. To create a more lush look ensure to prune your growing plant tips from time to time. As a bonus, they are not prone to any pest or bug attacks.

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    9. Chinese money plant

    Chinese money plant - Hanging
    Common Name   : Chinese money plant, Pancake plant, UFO plant, Lefse plant, Missionary plant, Bender plant, Mirror grass
    Botanical Name  : Pilea peperomiodies
    Chinese Money plants also popularly known as Mirror grass, pancake plant, lefse plant, UFO plant, missionary plant, Bender Plant, or Pilea peperomioides are considered to be lucky plants. These plants are native to China hence came to the name Chinese Money plant. The round leaves where the petiole is attached to the center and forms the coin shape. They do not attract any insects or bugs and are forgiving when it comes to watering. Water them once the soil feels dry to touch and these Chinese money plants would grow happily. They can thrive in low light or bright light. These would be a perfect low-maintenance hanging plant.

    10. Maidenhair fern

    Maidenhair fern - hanging plant
    Common Name   : Maidenhair fern 
    Botanical Name  : Adiantum
          Maidenhair fern has the most delicate leaves and requires a lot of care and attention from the housekeepers. They are not hardy plants and would easily get upset if you don’t keep them moist. They like their feet wet. You can see these plants growing in rainy reason and damp areas; they thrive only in moist conditions. Unlike any other common house, plants do not allow them to dry out in between watering, they would not take it well. Nevertheless, they look beautiful in wide baskets with their fronds spreading wide out. If you are a forgetful gardener then I do not recommend this plant.

    11. Boston fern

    Boston fern - hanging plant
    Common Name   : Boston fern,Sword Fern, Boston Sword fern, Wild Boston fern, Boston blue bell fern , Tuber ladder fern, Fishbone fern
    Botanical Name  : Nephrolepis exaltata
    Boston fern has almost all the similar characteristics like Maiden fern. They do well indoors in partial shade with bright indirect sunlight. These ferns do well in humid or moist conditions. So it is necessary to keep them moist. The potting mix with coco peat is preferred since it can hold up moisture content for a long time. Ensure the pot has drainage holes for the excess water to flow as they do not prefer stagnant water

    12. Wandering Jews

    Wandering Jews - hanging plant
    Common Name   : Wandering Jews, Inch plant
    Botanical Name  : Zebrina Pendula
    Wandering Jews are perfect for your collection with their shiny purple leaves with silver stripes. They are hardy plants and are mostly grown as a ground cover. The Wandering Jews could do well in indirect sunlight and need a good amount of water. Though over-watering could kill the plant, ensure the soil is right set up so the plant doesn't stay soggy. These purple ravishing plants are a great choice for beginners.

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    13. Spider Plant

    Spider plant - hanging plant
    Common Name   : Spider Plant, Airplane Plant , Ribbon Plant , Spider Ivy, St Bernads Ivy , Hens and Chickens
    Botanical Name  : Chlorophytum comosum
    Spider plants are perfect hanging plants for your home or office. These spiderettes dangle down and look like small spiders hanging from the web. Spider plants are the most adaptable house plants. The spider plants are also available in variegated varieties. The ribbon plant also produces small pups or baby spider plants. Pups can be easily propagated into a new spider plant. Keep the soil moist consistently to encourage growth.

    14. Purple Heart

    Purple Heart- hanging plant
    Common Name   : Purple heart, Purple secretia, Purple queen, Wandering Jew, Walking jew 
    Botanical Name  : Tradescantia pallida
    Purpleheart is mostly used as a ground cover because of its invasive nature. They are also excellent for hanging baskets with their striking purple appearance with flowers. Keep the plants moist until the plants establish themselves. Thereafter water the plants allowing them to dry out in between. Place the plants in bright sunlight. Trim the growing to tips to make the plants bushy.

    15. Arrowhead Syngonium

    Arrowhead syngonium- hanging plant
    Common Name   : Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, Arrowhead philodendron, Goosefoot, African evergreen, American evergreen
    Botanical Name  : Syngonium podophyllum
           The Arrowhead plant is an easy to grow creeper plant. They are abundant when maintained under proper conditions. Goosefoot is also easy to propagate from cuttings. They prefer bright or partial indirect sunlight. Though bright direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. The leaves accumulate dust, they can be easily removed by misting or wiping the leaves with a clean cloth. The Arrowheads are perfect for beginners and are tolerant plants for your hanging basket.

    116. Heart of Jesus

    Heart of Jesus hanging plant
    Common Name   : Heart of Jesus, Elephant ear , Angel wings
    Botanical Name  : Caladium bicolor
    Caladiums are largely grown as ornamental plants in houses. They are known for their fancy colored heart-shaped leaves in white, pink, and red. They prefer moderate watering (damp but not soggy) Cocopeat or mulch can be mixed with the soil to get the perfect soil condition. They can thrive in partial to full shade. These caladiums are wonderful hanging plants for your home.

    17. Mosaic Plant

    mosaic plant hanging
    Common Name   : Mosaic plant, Nerve plant, Painted Net leaf
    Botanical Name  : Fittonia albivenis
    Mosaic plants are perfect for your hanging basket and tabletops. The plant is also called a Nerve plant due to its nerve-like appearance in the leaves. These nerve plants like high humidity. The plant tends to dry without water. They prefer bright indirect sunlight and require well-draining soil. Mosaic plants do not opt for direct sunlight. If the Nerve plants are seen to grow leggy pinch of the growing tips to keep the plants bushy.

    18. Philodendron

    Philodendron hanging plant

    Botanical Name  : Philpdendron bin
    Philodendrons are a perfect tolerant houseplant for any inexperienced houseplant owners. In Greek, Philo means 'love', and dendron means 'tree'.They thrive well indoors. Set the plants in bright indirect sunlight. Allow the plants to dry out in between watering. Prune the plant if they are found to grow leggy.

    19. Watermelon Peperomia 

    Watermelom peperomia - hanging plant
    Common Name   : Watermelon peperomia, Watermelon begonia
    Botanical Name  : Peperomia argyreia
    Watermelon peperomia are excellent houseplants. The term watermelon is derived from the shape and texture of the leaves. They prefer indirect sunlight rather than bright sunlight. The Watermelon peperomia plants are very easy to grow. Water them moderately, and do not overwater as the plants are susceptible to root rot.

    20. Chenille plant

    Chenille hanging plant
    Common Name   : Red hot cat's tail, Foxtail, Philippines Medusa, Monkey tail, Chenille flower
    Botanical Name  : Acalypha hispida
    Chenille plants grow well in bright sunlight. Keep the plants moderately moist. The plant has beautiful pink-red flowers. Prune the lower end of the leaves to encourage new foliage growth. Plants with complementary red flowers

    21. Staghorn fern

    staghorn hern for hanging
    Common Name   : Staghorn, Elkhorn fern
    Botanical Name  : Platycerium
    These ferns are called Staghorn due to their unique fronds. The staghorn ferns are epiphytic, they attach themselves to wood and grow. The staghorn prefers frequent watering and misting. Place the staghorn facing the window and they grow perfectly.

    22. English Ivy

    English Ivy hanging plant
    Common Name   : Common ivy, English ivy, European ivy, ivy
    Botanical Name  : Hedera helix
    English Ivy is very common and seen trailing around the bricks of the wall. A similar effect can be created at your home. You can grow them in containers and they would grow in great length. Prune them once in a while to create a bushy look. The ivy requires moderate watering and lighting conditions.

    23. Jade

    Jade trailing plant
    Common Name   : Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money plant, Money tree
    Botanical Name  : Crassula ovate
    The Jade plants are very popular and considered lucky. They are perfect hanging plants if you do not prefer long trailing leaves. As Jade belongs to succulent they don't prefer overwatering. Partial to bright sunlight works for Jade. These plants sometimes give out pink or white flowers.

    24. Air  Plant - Tillasanda

    Common Name   : Air Plants
    Botanical Name  : Tillandsia
    These air plants can cling anywhere and everywhere - on branches, barks, telephone wires, and threads. most of the varieties are either epiphytes (grow upon a plant)  or aerophytes (cling to the air). They do not require soil to grow. These characteristics make these plants perfect to hang around in a thread or a vine. Air plants are also suitable for terrariums.

    25. Heartleaf philodendron 

    Heartleaf philodendron
    Common Name   : Heartleaf philodendron
    Botanical Name  : Philodendron hederaceum
    Philodendrons can be easily grown even by inexperienced house plant owners. Their striking heart-shaped leaves make it one of the most popular and likable plants. These philodendrons can quickly adapt to any condition thus making them versatile plants. These creepers are perfect for your hanging basket. Set the plant in a bright indirect spot where the plant does not receive direct sunlight.

    26. Mistletoe Cactus

    mistletoe cactus
    Common Name   : Mistletoe cactus, Pencil cactus
    Botanical Name  : Rhipsalis baccifera
    Mistletoe cactus is the only epiphytic cactus with its pencil-like structure. These cactus do not produce horns and can grow in cactus potting mix or normal soil mix. Overwatering can kill the plant. These are low-maintenance hanging plants.

    27. Morning Glory

    Morning glory hanging plant
    Common Name   : Morning Glory
    Botanical Name  : Many Genera are available 
    The morning glory flowers bloom in the early morning. As they are flowering plants they require bright sunlight throughout the day. They can quickly spread out by their creeping stems. They are available in colorful colors. The plants prefer well-drained moist soil conditions.

    28. Philodendron Silver Plant

    Philodendron Silver hanging plant
    Common Name   : Satin pothos, Silver vine
    Botanical Name  : Scindapsus pictus
    This Philodendron actually does not belong to "Philo" group and belongs to Scindapus pictus. They can thrive even in low-lit conditions but may grow leggy. Medium-light is preferred. In the best indoor conditions, they grow at great heights of 5 to 10 feet. Water weekly when the soil feels dry to touch. These plants are perfect low-maintenance hanging plants.

    29. Orchids

    Orchids hanging plant
    Common Name   : Orchids
    Botanical Name  : Orchidaceae
        Orchids are the largest flowering species on earth. Orchids can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. This exotic look of the flowers makes it common to buy among house plant keepers. Growing Orchids can be challenging hence I do not recommend buying orchids for beginners.

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     Happy Gardening!

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