Mar 1, 2020

All about Air purifying Pothos plants- Growing, Propagation and Caring

Interested in growing Pothos here is all you have to know about them.


A common plant found in tropical and subtropical regions. These are the most common houseplants as they are sturdy, tolerant, and easy to care for. They are also known as golden pothos, money plant, marble queen, Devil’s Ivy.

Money plant is considered to bring luck and prosperity to your home according to Vastu shastra and Feng shui.

Money Plants helps in reducing Indoor Air Pollution

A research conducted by NASA, proves that Golden Pothos can remove high concentration organic chemicals like Benzene and Trichloroethylene - found in indoor air. During the study concentration in the range of 36ppm was almost nullified within 2 hrs.


Produced by - emission of industrial waste, gas stations, smoke from tobacco, products that contain fuel, wax, paints, detergents.
Causes - Long term effects and increased exposure leads to a few serious disorders.


Produced by - Grease remover, paint remover, and varnishes.
Causes - Irritation in the upper respiratory tract
The pothos/ Money plant/Devils ivy help in reducing the chemicals found the indoors. Isn't it just great...!

Most common types of Pothos

Golden Pothos
Marble Pothos
Neon Pothos
Manjula Pothos
N'Joy Pothos

Pothos Propagation

Money plants can be easily propagated in water and in soil. They are the easiest to care and maintain. They do not demand your special attention. Are you a beginner? Then this plant is for you.

Pothos/Devil's Ivy Propagation through Water

Take a cutting of about 5 to 8 inches and remove the lowermost leaves.
Ensure at least two to three nodes and insert the cutting into a jar of water or container.
After a few days you would be able to see healthy roots emerging from the Nodes.

By growing them in water the growth would be slightly stunted. It would take some time to grow new leaves. If you want to grow the bushy plant, then growing them in the soil would be a better alternative.

Pothos Propagation through Soil

There are two fail-proof methods through which pothos can be propagated.

Method 1

Follow the process of propagation through water and when the roots are visible.
Dig a one to the two-inch hole in the soil and propagate.
Water them thoroughly after planting. Just to ensure they are all set with the soil. 

Method 2

Take a cutting of about 5 to 8 inches and remove the lowermost leaves.
Place the cutting into the soil, which is about two to three inches deep.

Tip to grow Bushy Money plant/Devil's Ivy

After the plant grows to a certain extent make sure to trim or prune the stalk. This would induce plant growth hormones - Auxin and stimulate vigorous growth. Continuous pruning would make the plant dense.

Watering Conditions

Water the money plant once or twice a week.
Allow the soil to dry in between watering. Follow the Thumb rule of watering.
Most of the plants would have no major issues due to under watering but can die of overwatering.
Ensure that there are holes at the bottom of the pot to drain the excess water. If not, have a watch over the plant, and ensure you do not overwater.

Lighting conditions

Pothos would do well in almost all lighting conditions from bright indirect sunlight to low light. But sometimes direct sunlight can cause the leaf to burn.

Fertilizing Pothos

They do not need any fertilizer to grow. Though composting or liquid fertilizer can be added. 

Most common issues in Pothos

Browing or burns in pothos

Burns or browning is caused due to direct sunlight.
Solution: Move them to an indirect sunlight area. They would recover soon.

Yellowing of leaves in Pothos:

Wilting of leaves or the yellowing of leaves is mainly caused due to watering problems.
It could be due to overwatering or underwatering.
Solution: Water the pothos only when the top two inches of the soil is dry. Allow the pothos to dry out in between.

Pothos not bushy and no big leaves.

Pothos in wild cling on to big trees with its aerial roots. Since they have strong support the pothos grow wild and free.
Solutions: Mimic their wild habitat conditions. Grow them vertically with the help of a moss stick.

Pothos losing Variegations

For pothos to maintain their variegation they need an adequate amount of sunlight.
Solution: Move the pothos to an indirect spot.

Do you have pets in your home?

Note: Take care that pothos is not being consumed by your dogs or cat as they are slightly poisonous to your pets when consumed.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Money plants would do well in the Indoor or Outdoors. I personally prefer keeping them Indoors. They can add beauty to your study table, dining table, bedroom, or kitchen. They can survive anywhere - even at your office desk.

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I have placed the below cutting at my office desk and they are doing well. They stay green though I have not placed them in sunlight for almost 30 days. Here is a picture of the one growing at my desk.

Happy Gardening!

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