Mar 15, 2020

6 Popular Aquarium fishes that are Perfect for your Fish tank

Among different pets like Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits a survey by WorldAtlas states that aquarium is the most popular pet in the US. The fish tops the list as domesticating them is easy and requires less maintenance than looking after a dog or a cat. Studies have also shown that watching the activities of the fish relieves stress and pressure among the owners.

The top popular and easy fishes available are
  1. Guppies
  2. Zebra Danios
  3. Neon Tetra
  4. Mollies
  5. Betta or Fighter fish
  6. Black Tetra


Guppies are the most common aquarium fishes you could find in the market. They do not require so much attention unlike the other fishes and a suitable fish for a beginner. They would not mind even if you forgot to feed them for a day. The guppies are available in a variety of colors - both local and exported breeds are available in the market.

Guppies are live-bearing fishes (i.e) the guppies do not lay eggs instead they directly give birth to a young guppy called a fry. Guppies reproduce at a very high rate. Guppies do not require any special attention and breed and multiply quickly. You could possibly see young fry or guppy at your very own fish tank. 

The guppies would do well in a fish tank even if there is no filter. Guppies are not schooling fish but they like to be kept in large groups. They can co-exist peacefully with other fishes like Zebra danios or Tetras. Guppies are very cheap compared to other fishes. In India, a pair is available for Rs 20 or 30.

Zebra Danios:

Zebras are schooling fishes so keep them in the count of 5 or more. They could be stressed if not kept in a group. They are peaceful fishes and can coexist with guppies, widow tetras, and neon tetras. There are available in blue, pink, orange, yellow, and rainbow colors.

Zebra danios are very attractive and active swimmers.Zebra are hardy fishes and are recommended to beginners. Zebra lays eggs and if given a chance and suitable environmental conditions they may hatch. Danio's are economical to purchase the common pink, orange and yellow danios are available for less than Rs 30 (a pair of two)

Neon Tetra:

The neon tetra is a freshwater fish and is a choice of all fish keepers. They have a silver abdomen and red iridescent stripe appearing from the middle of the body of the fish to the fin. When they rest the color changes to grey and lights up when they are not resting.

Neon tetras are schooling fish and generally, they school together. Neon Tetras are slightly costlier than Guppies and Zebra's and can be available in the range of less than Rs 50.


Molly gold, yellow

Mollies are common fishes among the fish hobbyist. Mollies are live bearers and posses most of the qualities of live bearing fishes. Mollies are slightly larger in size compared to Platies and Guppies and more energetic. They are slightly aggressive and dominant compared to Guppies and tetra's. 

Mollies are schooling fish and likes to be kept in groups.It is better if the number of female mollies is greater then the male mollies. They are available in black, white and Golden color. A pair of common mollies are available for less than Rs 40 to Rs 60.

Betta Fish or Fighter Fish:

betta fish

Betta fish is the most popular fish due to its attractive colors and beautiful fins. Male Betta's are more commonly marked than females. Betta's are highly aggressive and territorial (they do not share their space) and enjoy solitude. It is always recommended to keep Betta fish in a separate fish tank or bowl.
Two male Betta fishes never go together and except for breeding purposes male and female Betta are not kept together. 
It is interesting to see that the male sets up a bubble nest and after fertilization, male Betta retrieve the eggs and places them carefully in the bubble nest. Female Betta's eat their own eggs. Male Betta's will safeguard the eggs and maintain their territory from the female. 

They are available in different colors and fin v like half moon, full moon, and feather tail. Fighter fishes are fast-moving in the market and cost varies between Rs 50 to 200 based on the color peculiarity and fin variation.

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Black Tetra:

Black Tetra, Black widow Tetra,Black skirt tetra,Petticoat tetra

Black tetras are common among fish hobbyist and are schooling fish. They are peaceful and semi-aggressive fish. Black Tetra's go well with other tetras and guppies. They are also called as Black widow Tetra, Black skirt tetra, or Petticoat tetra. 

They have long fins like Angelfish, so be careful not to keep fish nippers along with the Black Tetra's. They spawn and release their eggs. After spawning removes the eggs from the fish tank or the Tetra will often eat their own eggs.
A pair of Black tetras might be available at a rate ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 60.

Choose your favorite fishes and start your own aquarium.

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Happy Fishkeeping!!

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