Feb 28, 2020

Why must you grow Indian Borage at your home? ( Updated)

Indian borage grow


    A member of the mint family Plectranthus amboinicus is known for its pungent aroma and has numerous medicinal qualities. There are found almost in all the houses in the south of India. Panikoorka also known as Karpooravalli, Mexican Mint, Patharchur, Indian Borage. The leaves of Indian Borage are light green in color and the leaves are store in water. The leaves of the Panikoorka smell like mint and have been mistaken for mint. The leaves of Indian Borage are broader than the commonly available mint. They are also used for culinary purposes. 

    The medicinal properties/ Garden Remedies are as below,
    • Wound healing and has antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties
    • Effective against Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Oral, Skin, Digestive, and Urinary diseases
    • Used to treat colds, asthma, headache, constipation, and fever.
    • The leaves are mainly used as a folk medicine. Few of the benefits are yet to be medically proven.
    Indian borage leaf

    We always have a pot planted with Indian borage at our house. We chew a leaf if there are any symptoms of sore throat and it has done wonders. This is seriously an underrated plant when compared to a few other plants grown extensively.

    How to Grow

    Growing the Indian Borage is an effortless activity as the plant is hardy and resistant.
    The easiest way of propagation is through cuttings. In case of time constraints or unavailability of the plant cuttings, a local/Online store-bought plant would do the job as well. Invest in one plant and you can propagate them into thousands of Indian Borage.

    How to propagate via cuttings

    Take a stem about 6 to 9 inches and remove the bottom-most leaves. Ensure there are at least 2 to 3 nodes because from these nodes the root develops. Place these cuttings in the soil and water thoroughly. The bottom-most leaves are removed to reduce stressing the plant.

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    Panikoorka uses.panikoorka propagation,karpooravalli,indian borage

    Where to grow

    They can be grown in a pot. They would be happy to get along on the balcony or apartment. If the Indian Borage plant seems to grow leggy make sure to prune the tips. Continuous pruning would make the Indian borage or Mexican mint bushy.

    Lighting conditions

    Bright to medium sunlight would work. Semi-shade areas would be perfect for these plants. As the leaves store in a huge amount of water, it is better to place the plants in partial or semi-shade areas. Direct sunlight would scorch the leaves and cause burns.

    Watering Conditions

    Water them when the topsoil beings to dry. The Thumb rule of watering can be used. I am not sure who proposed this concept, but this term is extensively used in Gardening, and links can be found in some books.

    Rule of Thumb

    Check if is the ideal time to water your plants. Poke an index finger into the soil about 1 inch deep and check for moisture content. If the soil is dry water your plants and if moist you can skip watering and check again. 

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    Q  & A

    Is Indian borage an indoor plant?

    Yes, Indian Borage/ karpooravalli / Panikoorka is a houseplant. These plants can easily grow indoors by the window sill where it receives an ample amount of sunlight. They thrive well in outdoors provided they have some shade.

    Only a medical expert can diagnose, treat cure disease, or any medical condition. We do not prescribe any form of remedies in our blog.

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