Feb 28, 2020

What does your House Plants need to survive and Grow - Beginners Garden

Did you know?
A study has confirmed that a regular dose of gardening is said to have long term health benefits.

  •  Reduces Cardio Vascular / Stroke disease by 30%, says research published online by  British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Increases your brain sharpness
  • Helps in relieving stress
  • Regular physical activity involved in gardening reduces the chances of obesity

In modern digital days where we don't get to see the green often. A small corner in your balcony or backyard gardening can lit up the whole space.
The research paper "The benefits of gardening and food growing for health and well-being states that looking into the green space is known to have soothing and calming effects on the person, reduces stress level and increases relaxation. Even your loved ones surrounding you would be benefited by gardening.

Things to consider before planting

  • Spaciousness
  • Lighting conditions
  • Watering Conditions
  • Durability
  • Repotting
  • Soil and Fertilizer


Space is one of the main issues hindering gardening. But really? Do you think space is the issue ?? Or is it your hesitation to start the process and the maintenance activity that you are frowning upon.
I have planted almost 25 varieties of plants in the apartment balcony.
There are many available options convert your little corner into a garden area like vertical gardening- means using the vertical space available in your garden. 
Hanging plants can be a good addition to utilize vertical space

Also, the indoor plants can be placed in the bedroom, living area, kitchen, and where not. You can start with one to two plants and multiply them.

Lighting conditions:

Situation of each home varies and you must locate the brightly lit, medium, and low spot in your home.

Plants lighting requirements differ from one another. If you can locate the lighting conditions of your home and find a plant suitable for your space. The chances you would kill the plant is very minimal.

Plants like Aloe vera, Areca palm thrive well in Bright sunlight whereas Snake plant, Money plant/Pothos can survive well in low to medium sunlight.
Check out the guide to Grow easy Indoor plants

Watering Conditions:

Water is an essential element in determining the growth of the plants. Both overwatering and under watering are not healthy for the plant. 
I believed that all plant needs to watered daily and the growth of the plant is directly proportional to the amount of watering.
I realized the importance of watering and the rule of thumb, only when  I was on the verge of killing a snake plant due to overwatering.
"Majority of the plants die not because of under watering but of Overwatering"


Do not move the plant unless there is a dire need. The plants once accustomed to a new place don't like to be moved often. Shift them only when needed else they would be happy to stay at their place.

Re-potting: (The secret of re-potting)

If you are buying a plant from the local nursery/online ensure that you do not repot them as soon as they reach their new home.
Plants like us, need to get adapted to their new home. Changing the environment and re-potting them would stress the plants. It's better to allow the plant to adapt to its new environment.
You can re-pot them once you see the plants growing healthily.

The other situation where re-potting must be done is where the roots are outbound. In simple terms if the roots fill up the pot then its time to re-pot them into a larger container/pot.

Soil and Fertilizer

The soil would have sufficient nutrients to provide. As time passes by, the nutrients in the soil gets depleted. Hence arises the need to fertilize the plants.
Normally flowering and fruiting plants need fertilizer as they drain out their entire energy in the process of producing flowers and fruits.
Compost or liquid fertilizers can be used in the soil to suffice the exhausted nutrients.

I hope you are ready to set your own green corner at your home. Happy Gardening!

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