Feb 22, 2020

How to Grow Lemon Grass in Soil - With Updates

Lemongrass how to grow

Grow lemongrass at your kitchen garden or window sill with these easy ideas.
You will never have to go to the market again to get a few stalks of Lemongrass.
I grow lemongrass at my garden for three main reasons,
  • To have an energetic cup of fresh Lemongrass tree
  • To prevent the entry of mosquitoes.
  • To enhance the pleasant lemongrass smell all over my balcony.


    Lemon Grass also known as Cymbopogon Citratus, Cochin grass, Malabar grass is native to India, Sri Lanka, and other tropical regions. Lemongrass is cultivated in many countries because of its medicinal properties and culinary uses. The essential oil extracted from lemongrass is used in aromatherapy. 

    Medicinal Uses

    • Lemongrass is known to relieve stress. And in some parts of the world, it is also used in relieving pain. 
    • Due to its strong aroma, it is also known to treat oral infections and cavities help in dental hygiene.
    • Hot water extract of dried root is also used in a few places in Thailand to treat Diabetes.
    • In the USA, hot water extract of the entire plant is used in healing wounds and bone fractures. 
    • In India, lemongrass is normally used for treating cholera, Gastric issues, headaches, fever, and sedative for the Central Nervous system. 
    • Lemongrass leaves are also used in tea, soups and curry preparation

    Other Uses of Lemon Grass

    Apart from other medicinal and culinary uses, they have several other benefits. 
    • The scent of crushed leaves smells like citric and used in perfume preparation. 
    • Growing entire free lemongrass is well known to repel snakes, it is believed that snakes do not like the scent of lemongrass and hence stay away from the arena. 
    • The Citronella oil which is being extracted from the lemongrass is the main component used in commercial mosquito repellents. The citrus-like smell of the lemongrass keeps away mosquitoes. 
    Lemongrass can be easily grown from stalks - via water propagation or propagating cuttings in soil.

    Grow with me

    Buy Fresh lemongrass from your local market store or online grocery store. It would hardly cost within 10 to 15 Rs and plant them with these tips. You would have an unlimited supply of lemongrass throughout. The leaves can be stored in the refrigerator and used for cooking recipes.

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    Soil Propagation

          I was excited to plant Lemongrass for the first time. I considered growing it directly in the soil. Unfortunately, I did not find any sources saying lemongrass can be directly propagated through Soil. I thought of giving it a shot.I split the lemongrass into two parts. Propagated few stalks through water and few stalks through the soilThis was my backup plan. To my surprise, new leaves started emerging the next day when planted in soil. Mission success!

          1.   Cut the stalks (2 to 3 inches) and remove the dried/tough outer leaf from the base bulb.
          2.   Plant them directly into the soil. 
          3.   Water regularly and they can thrive in full sun.
          4.   New leaves are likely to appear within 2 to 5 days. 
    Lemon grass propagation through Soil

    Water Propagation

         1.   Cut the stalks (2 to 3 inches) and remove the dried/tough outer leaf from the base bulb.
         2.   Place all the stalks in a container of water
         3.   Change the water regularly (at least once in two days)
         4.   Once visible roots are observed, transfer them into the pot.
    Healthy roots would grow in a span of 5 to 15 days.
    Lemon grass propagation in water

    Water Needs

    Lemongrass prefers regular watering. They are very forgiving plants and do not mind if you forget for a day or two.
    Tip: Watering them regularly can help in growing your plant bushy and healthy.

    Sunlight Needs

    They can tolerate bright to direct sunlight. I keep my Lemongrass in the balcony where it receives three to five hours of direct sunlight.

    Updated image:
    Grow lemon grass easy

    We would love to hear about your experience growing Lemongrass.

    Happy Gardening...

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