Feb 23, 2020

Easy plants to grow in small Apartments with a free guide template

Gardening has become a new trend in our current lifestyles. Adding a little green space can light up the whole environment. Studies have revealed that gardening can relieve stress and create an positive impact.

Here are the easy plants that can be easily at home and require less of your attention

    Pothos/Money Plant/Devil's Ivy

    Pothos how to grow
      • Pothos or Money plants are the easiest to grow. They are sturdy and tolerant and can withstand climatic conditions. Pothos does not require your entire attention and they belong to the category " Plant and forget me, I would Grow well". Pothos/Money plants are also good air purifiers. They help in reducing the chemicals found indoors . A research study says that it can reduce benzene and Trichloroethylene present in the atmosphere. Pothos is also considered to bring luck and prosperity to the home.
      • Money plant can be grown in soil or water. If Pothos are grown in water - absolutely no maintenance is needed. Refill the water once in 10 to 15 days. That’s it! Absolutely a low caring plant for beginners.
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      • Lighting conditions - Survives in the low sun to partial shade.
      • Watering conditions - Water them once in two to three days when you start to feel the soil is dry. They grow well when you allow them to dry out in between watering.
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      • Many varieties of Syngonium are available and can be effortlessly grown even by inexperienced plant owners. Syngonium is hard to kill plant. Syngonium is an excellent plant for low light indoor they look full and bushy. Syngonium can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. They are also called as Arrowheads. Syngonium are also available in a variety of colors ranging from light green to pink. Propagation of Syngonium is a piece of cake. Just cut a stalk and insert into a bowl of water and they would soon start growing roots.
      • Lighting conditions - They prefer bright indirect sunlight. They would be happy to grow by the window side table. The direct sunlight would burn or scorch the leaves. If you see the plant leaning towards sunlight then ensure to turn the pot so that all the side of the plant receives sufficient sunlight.
      • Watering conditions - Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry out in between watering. Water once in two to three days. Mist them in between to remove the dust accumulated in the leaves. You can also wipe the leaves with a wet clean cloth once in a while so that the plants would be able to able to breathe.

    Snake plant/Mother-in-laws tongue/Sansevieria 

      • About 60+ species of snake plants are available in local plant stores and online gardening stores. Especially the dwarf varieties are suitable for indoors. There are very hardy plants and the least you could do to keep them healthy is not to care for them. As simple as that. These plants also help in reducing the air pollution indoors by removing toxins. These plants like to live in small pots so avoid repotting them often.
      • Lighting conditions: These plants can thrive in full sunlight and low lit spaces as well.    
    Snake plant grow

      • Watering conditions: Water them once in 4 to 5 days, allowing the soil to dry out in between watering. They don't like their soil to be moist. Overwatering will rot the root system and kill the plant. Sansevieria do not complain even if you forgot to water them a week, they would stay healthy. These are perfect for your home to add a lush of green. The variegated varieties of the snake plant are certified by NASA to improve the quality of the air.

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    Happy Gardening!!

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