Feb 22, 2020

DIY Hanging Planters made out of Plastic Bottles with Step by Step Instructions

Handmade products always add charm and warmth to your home.
These planters are such a great way to d├ęcor your balcony with hanging plants and it is totally inexpensive. It is such fun to make and requires no professional knowledge. Vertical gardens with plastic bottles can be created in the same way and you can utilize the vertical space in your apartment or balcony. 

Most of the plants can be grown in plastic containers. Plants like succulents (Jade plant), purpleheart,Wandering heart or wandering jews, money plant.
Also, you can try experimenting with different plants.

Tools Required:
  •          Plastic bottles
  •          Knife 
  •          Scissors
  •          Stainless Skewers

  • Poke a hole after heating a sharp object like Stainless Skewers. Heating makes the process a lot easier.
  • Punch four holes at the top (to hang with the twine) and few holes at the bottom (to drain the excess water.)

Paint the bottles with enamel paint or spray paints. You can also use a primer to give a base coat. Acrylics don't stay on the plastic bottles for a long time. For the acrylic designs to be waterproof it is necessary to give a base coat.
Varnish can be applied to the bottles as a precaution.

  •  Add a twine to the plastic pot and hang it. Hurrah your planter is all ready to be filled with a mix of coco peat and soil (50:50)

  • Keep it simple or decorate it according to your liking. And your DIY planter is ready.
bottle planter, diy decor

If you interested in growing tangled check out the ultimate guide to Grow and care for Tangled heart Hanging plant

Tangled heart Hanging plant,DIY Planter

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