Feb 24, 2020

Decorate your Betta Fish tank with house plants.

Plants create an alluring beauty to the fish tank and helps in maintaining the water pH level. The plants in the fish tank also help in reducing the algae level and reducing the ammonia content in the water. This makes the water condition much suitable for the fishes to survive. The plants in the fishbowl or fish tank create a better environment for your fishes. The live plants create a close to natural environment for the fishes.

It is always a better option to keep the natural plants than the artificial ones. Though maintain plants in the fish tank require more attention. Instead of keeping water live plants inside the fish tank you could use a few of the house plants to create the same effect as the live water plants.

Aquatic plants would do well in the tank, but a lot of extra maintenance is required. Also the aquatic plants are costlier than the artificial ones. This technique would be a great alternative to make your fish tank stupendous.
The entire system works on the biological explanation - Aquaponics. In short, Aquaponics means aquaculture's like fish, snail growing the plants cultivated in water. The term was first introduced by Dr.Mark McMurthy at the North Carolina State University.

How it works

  • Fish excretes are rich in Ammonia. These fish droppings if exceeds a limit are toxic to the fish.
  • The bacteria which lives in the fish tank breaks down the ammonia into Nitrites and Nitrates
  • Plants consume the Nitrates as their source of nutrients.
  • The water toxic level is reduced and the cycle continues.

Plants that do well in a fish tank/bowl

I have personally tried growing Pothos/Money plant and Different varieties of philodendron or Syngonium. The roots developed from this process were much thicker and healthier compared to the ones grown in normal water.
Sources say that almost all plants that can be propagated through water would work.

Happy Gardening!

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