Aug 1, 2022

Boho inspired DIY planters

 It was a few years back I found my love for Air dry clay projects. They are so much fun!!  You should give it a try. I am currently running out of pots and thought it might be a good idea to create a few cute little planters.

Supply List:

  • Plastic containers/Bottles/Take away containers
  • Air-dry clay ( I use mould it from Fevicryl)
  • Sculpting tools(optional)
  • Paint (Acrylic or enamel)
  • Varnish
  • Paint Brush
  • And of course few succulents and soil

Boho air dry planters

Color Mixing:

Color mixing is the crucial and fun part here. I have used acrylic paints from Fevicryl. You can use any company acrylic paint here.

Mix a small amount of Orange and Burnt sienna into crimson. There is no right and wrong proportion here. Mixing different quantities will give you different variants of terracotta color. Add white with the mixed product to lighten the shades of the terracotta color.

Here I have used different combinations of the above-mentioned four colors to get beautiful shades of terracotta.

mixing teracotta colour

Diy boho planter

teracotta color mixing

Adding Terracotta texture to Your planter

To create a rough surface, add a bit of baking powder to the paint, Mix it well and apply it to the planter to create a natural terracotta feel on your planter.

This step is completely optional. You can totally avoid this step and proceed further.

The more baking powder you add to the paint, the thicker the texture becomes. 

DIY boho planter

DIY boho planter

Hope you found this useful. I would love to see your projects.

Apr 13, 2022

Air Dry DIY Planters for less than Rs 20.

Hello, Plant dads and Moms out there!

Nice to see you all again. We are going to learn how to make DIY planters or pots in the below blog post. I had previously posted on how to reuse soda bottles or plastic bottles to add an interesting look to your garden. Feel free to read and share your thoughts.
I am sure that in each of our homes, we have used containers, tins, and used curd or sweet dabbas (boxes) available. We are going to make a plant pot out of recycled items. This serves three purposes 

- Repurposing old items
- You can save tons of money that goes into buying new plant pots 
-Durable and stays for longer
Here are a few diy's I had tried out with used plastic containers. 

Things Needed

  • plastic containers/ Take away containers
  • Air-dry clay
  • Paint Acrylic/Enamel
  • Varnish

    Tribal women Planter DIY

    Take an empty plastic bottle and add the facial features. Spray paint or paint using black. Dab the gold color onto the facial features to create an effect. 

    Apply a layer of varnish to protect your plants from dust. 

    Do not forget to read the pro tip to paint bottles 

    DIY Lady Planter

    Diy Piggy planter

    I made this cute little piggy planter using the takeaway container from Hotel Nagarjuna. It's a famous hotel here in Bangalore. The takeaway containers are sturdy and hence make the perfect containers.
    Add in the nose using mould it clay. I have mixed pink and white to create this cute color. Add in the details like eyes, and nose using a detailed brush.

    Coat it with a layer of varnish to protect your planter.

    diy piggy planter

    Teeny tiny cup DIY

    These are cute little planters that can hold the succulent and cactus varieties. Some air dry clay, paint, and varnish did the magic.

    diy cup  planter

    Water horse planter DIY

    This DIY was supposed to be a dino but turned into a water horse. Embrace the mistakes for they can turn into such beautiful creations.  

    Diy waterhorse planter

    Cat planter DIY

    This cute little cat planter is made from plastic bottles. The bottom portion of the plastic bottles is cut into half and then molded the details with airdry clay. Add in details using black paint and as usual, do not forget to apply a coat of varnish.

    DIY CAT planter

    DIY CAT planter

    Teal Cup planter DIY

    These are take-away concerns that usually contain raita or pickle. When you are creative, nothing around you is a waste. Everything can be beautifully created.

    DIY CUP Planter

    Happy Gardening!!!

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    Jun 16, 2021

    How to Dragon fruit from seeds with Step by Step Instructions and Images

    Dragon fruit also called as Pitaya/Pitahaya or strawberry pear are native to America and these fruits are produced from a cactus variety plant.  These fruits are eaten raw or along with salad, juices and smoothies. 
    Here are the below steps to propagate Dragon fruit from seeds with pictures to give you a better understanding.

    Dragon fruit propagation through seed


      Dragon fruit belong to the cactus variety and cultivated in India, South east Asia and US. They are climbing cactus and require some support once they establish themselves.

      Another peculiar character of the plant is that the flowers bloom only overnight and usually wilt after that.
      Dragon fruit flower

      Dragon fruit flower wilt

      They are available in three different varieties,
      • White Fleshed Pitaya -White flesh with Pink skinned
      • Red Fleshed Pitaya - Red fleshed with Red skinned
      • Yellow Fleshed Pitaya - White fleshed with Yellow skinned

      Why is it called as Dragon Fruit?

      The outer layer of the fruit is silky with spikes which resembles Dragon and now we know the obvious reason why it is called as Dragon Fruit.

      Dragon fruit propagation through seed

      Benefits of Dragon fruit

      • They are rich in antioxidants and fiber content
      • It may help in lowering your blood sugar level
      • It can strengthen your immune system and they are rich in prebiotics ( Probiotic bacteria that help your gut feed on Prebiotics)

      Ways to Propagate Pitaya - Cuttings and Seeds

      Pitaya plant can be propagated through seeds or cuttings. I will be growing them through seeds as I did not have any  Pitaya cuttings available. But if you do have cuttings available with you - just plop  the cutting into the soil. Place them in a warm area and wait for it to grow. Keep the soil moist but take care not to over water.
      Dragon fruit propagation cutting

      Ok, so I bought a dragon fruit from the store and scooped out a spoon of the fresh white pulp and kept it aside ( we will be propagating this) and enjoyed the remaining portion by making myself a dragon fruit juice ( Cut the flesh white part into small pieces and mix it with a portion of milk,  water and sugar according to your taste).

      How to Grow Dragon fruit from Seeds

      • Take a fully ripen Dragon fruit and cut into two halves.
      • Scoop out the seeds from pulp like shown in the below image. The pitaya flesh has numerous seeds and when I grew them last time I had almost 90% propagation success rate. So you will face no despair growing these varieties in your home.
      And the best part is you can grow these in your balcony gardens or terrace gardens. Intermittent 
      Dragon fruit propagation

      • Wash the seeds and sprinkle the seeds onto a moist tissue paper. Though they belong to cactus variety they prefer slightly moist conditions.  

      Dragon fruit propagation

      Dragon fruit propagation
      • Pro tip : If you want to keep your seedling humid , you could also tie wrapping them in a polythene cover. This will act like a temporary green house.
      • Alternatively you can sprinkle the seeds on to moist tissue paper in a take away box. This will help in keeping the conditions favorable.  When the tissue paper dries out sprinkle some water.
      • The seeds only took around 3 days to germinate but it might vary depending on the climatic condition you live.

      Dragon fruit propagation

      I had grown Dragon seedlings from dragon fruit few months back and I was quite surprised by the rate of germination. Almost all the seedling had germinated. But I lost the seedlings as I was out of town for a few days and no one was there to take care of my poor little seedling. So this is my second attempt in growing them. 

      I will be posting the progress so keep yourself subscribed to get my updates.

      Repotting of Dragon Fruit Seedling

      After the seedlings have grown, repot them into small containers. Ensure you keep the soil moist and provide them with enough sunlight.

      Dragon fruit seedling

      Dragon fruit seedling

      Happy Gardening!!!

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      May 23, 2021

      Easiest way to Propagate a Wandering Jew with Pictures

      Tradescantia zebrina is also called as Wandering jew plant. These plants are extremely easy to grow and care. They are also known as Zebrina , Spiderwort, Inch plant. They are called as Zebrina plants since they have a Zebra like pattern on their leaves. The plant has green and silvery stripes on the upper side of the leaf and a magenta color on the lower side. 

      wandering jew

      Wandering jew

      Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant


        Zebrina can be grown as a hanging plant or as a ground cover.  They also make excellent plants that  can be grown in plastic bottles, pots or glass jars. These inch plants can be easily grown even if you are new to gardening.

        The Zebrina's are highly tolerant plants and invasive plants. 

        Propagation Methods

        Inch plant or Wandering Jew are the easiest plants to grow and multiply them through cuttings.
        Wandering Jew can be easily propagated through soil or water.

        Propagation Methods through Soil

        • Take few healthy cuttings from the Wandering Jew plant
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation
        • Cut the cuttings with at least one or two nodes for each cutting
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation

        • Here I have cut all the long stem cuttings into small stems with at least one node.
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation
        • Add some water and till the soil until its loose. This will help in aerating the soil.
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation

        • Poke all the cuttings into the soil and drench it with water.
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation

        Propagation Methods through Water

        • Take few healthy cuttings from the Wandering Jew plant 
        • Cut the cuttings with at least one or two nodes for each cutting
        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant propagation

        Wandering jew propagation in water
        • Put them in a glass jar of water.
        • Healthy roots will appear within few days. Change the water once in 8 to 10 days.

        Sunlight conditions

        Wandering jew prefers medium to bright sunlight conditions. But harsh sunlight conditions may burn the leaves.

        Water requirements 

        Wandering jew prefers regular watering. Water the plant thoroughly and allow the plant to dry in between watering's.

        Tips to revive a plant losing its variegation

        Variegated wandering Jew might turn green if conditions are not favorable. For example : if the sunlight is low, the plant might reverse its variegation to save it energy.
        • Check on all the conditions like temperature, humidity and sunlight conditions.
        • Try to fix the plant with enough sunlight and needed humidity.
        • Remove all the non variegated leaves and do a pruning.
        • You can add in extra compost, so that your plant has enough nutrients required for its growth.

        Pruning and Maintenance of Wandering Jew

        Remove the yellow and dead leaves from the plant, that will help in better growing of the plant. Pruning also helps in growing the plants bushy. Leggy plants can be easily made bushier by pruning techniques.

        I have tried growing the plants in plastic bottles and here are few images from my balcony garden.

        Zebrina, wandering jew, Tradescantia,Inch plant

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        Dec 21, 2020

        Painting on recyclable plates

         Get inspired by these beautiful painting ideas with Areca palm plates. These paintings are cost-effective, rental friendly, and add a statement piece to your wall. 

        Areca palm paintings

        Things Needed:

        • Areca palm plates
        • Acrylic paints
        • Paint Brushes
        • Water 
        • Varnish ( Optional)

        How to 

        • Clean the surface with a dry cloth and remove any debris from the palm plates.
        • You can also use styrofoam, Ceramic, or any unused steel plates for this purpose.
        • Trace out the design from any print outs or free hand sketch the design onto the areca palm. You could use yellow or carbon paper to transfer the designs onto the plates.
        Paint brushes for Plate painting

        Here are some of the floral design created,

        Areca palm paintings

        Paintings on Areca palm

        • You can easily hang these plates using double-sided tape.

        Happy Painting!

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        Dec 6, 2020

        Easy DIY Traditional Coaster painting ideas for 2022

        I had this idea in my mind for over a few months, but I was skeptical to start the coaster project. But the results turned out amazing. If you are a DIY - person you must try this out. 

        It is such an interesting and usable project which you could use in your day to day life. 
        Here are a few ideas to spice up your coaster with Madhubani paintings...

        Traditional coaster paintings

                        Traditional Madhubani coaster paintings

        Things Needed :

        Acrylic colors
        Coasters - MDF boards
        Carbon paper

        Let's begin:

        • Coat a layer of white acrylic color as a base coat. Apply two coats if necessary. 
        coaster paintings
        • Once the paint is dried, trace out the traditional Madhubani designs onto the wooden board. You may draw the design onto a paper and then trace the design into the coaster with a carbon paper
        • Start painting with your desired choice of colors. I have used Neon colors for painting.
        Traditional  coaster paintings
        • Apply a layer of mod podge or varnish to protect your painting from dust and to make them waterproof.
        Traditional  coaster paintings

        • And ta-da your coaster is all set to use. Do let me know if you like more DIYs.
        To order your custom tea coaster, please reach out on my Instagram.

        Happy day!

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        Sep 30, 2020

        DIY Elegant Designs for your Upcycled plastic bottle planter in 2021

        Do you love to decorate your planters like I do?

        Nowadays I am addicted to growing ornamentals plants in used plastic and coke bottles. They are cheap, affordable, and provide a classy look to your balcony at absolutely zero cost.

        I assure you, by the end of this blog you would get a few easy designs to decorate your planter. They are very easy to paint and require no artistic knowledge.

          bottle gardening

          Design 1: Dandelion planter

          Design 2: Zentagle planter/ Doddle planter

          Design 3:Gold Lamp dandelions

          Design 4: Floral planter

          Design 5: Basic vine planter with quotes

          Design 6: Feather Planter

          Design 7: Leaf Planter

          Design 8: Shadow leaf Planter

          Design 9: Polka dot planter

          Design 10: Basic Planter

          Design 12: Geometric Planter

          Design 13: Galaxy Planter

          Let me know which design you liked the most.

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